This page contains all available documentation.

General Documentation

The documentation listed in this section reflects general information about the protocol. It is not specific to a software release.


All documentations listed in this section are considered stable they should reflect the state of the officially released stable builds of the library.

Development Build

Content in this section is considered experimental, incomplete, and subject to change. At the same time, it may be more up to date as the release documentation.

draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-10.xmlRFC draft document
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-09.xmlRFC draft documentepub  html  legacytxt  mobi  pdf  ps  rawtxt  txt 
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-08.xmlRFC draft documentlegacytxt  pdf 
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-07.xmlRFC draft documentlegacytxt  pdf 
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-06.xmlRFC draft documentlegacytxt  pdf 
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-05.xmlRFC draft documentlegacytxt  pdf 
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-04.xmlRFC draft documentlegacytxt  pdf 
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-03.xmlRFC draft documentlegacytxt  pdf 
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-02.xmlRFC draft documentlegacytxt  pdf 
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-01.xmlRFC draft documentlegacytxt  pdf 
draft-gwerder-messagevortexmain-00.xmlRFC draft documentlegacytxt  pdf 
MessageVortex_definition.asnASN.1 style definition of the MessageVortex messageszip 
messageVortex_development_core.zipDevelopment snapshot of the core libraryjar 
ApidocApidocs of the core libraryzip